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14UTop Slanted16U Bottom Rack Casters, Side Table, Glide Platform

Exterior Dimensions: 22.25″ W x 30.25″ D x 47.75″ H
Weight: 111.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 23.00″ W x 31.25″ D x 44.00″ H
Shipping Weight: 120.00 lbs
Vertical Rack Spaces: 16
Slanted Rack Spaces: 14
Front Rail to Front Cover Measurement: 15″
Front Rail to Rear Rail Measurement: 16″
Rear Rail to Back Cover Measurement: 17″
UPC: 807822045857
EAN: 8078220458507
Case Constructs:
  • Silver Hardware
Case Features:
  • Casters
  • Laptop Platform (Glide Style™)
  • Features and Specifications● Top Slanted Rack: 14 spaces
    ● Top Slanted Rail has a 4″ Height Difference Front to Back
    ● Bottom Vertical Rack: 16 spaces
    ● Top Slanted Rail To the Top of the Bottom Vertical Rail is 3.75″ at the Front and 7.75″ at the Back
    ● Front to Rear Rail to Rail Measures 21″
    ● Rail to Front or Rear Cover is 22″
    ● 3/8″ Ply Construction
    ● Patented Top Glide Style™ Platform
    ● Clearance from Slanted Rail to Glide Platform is 2.75″
    ● Case Top Cover Interior is 9″ with a 2.5″ clearance from the Glide Platform’s Highest Point (when cover is attached)
    ● Removable Front & Rear Doors
    ● Rear Cover Depth is 3″ (not including the table leg)
    ● Front Cover Is 29″H With a 2.75″ Interior Depth
    ● Rear Door Converts Into a Side Table Mounted on Either Side of the Rack
    ● Table Surface is 22.5″ x 44.75″
    ● Side Table Mount Weight Capacity is 100 lbs. Evenly Distributed
    ● Table When Mounted Is 30″H With 26.5″H Bottom Clearence
    ● 3.5″ Door Lids (3″interior depth)
    ● 3.5″ Caster Wheels, 2 With Brakes *Caster Assembly is Required
    ● Recessed Handles and Latches
    ● Front and Rear Rack Rails
    ● Limited Lifetime Warranty

    *For the safety of your equipment, do not transport with gear stored on the glide platform and be aware that the platform can be removed when slid out to its furthest point.

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14U Top Slanted 16U Bottom Vertical Pro Combo Rack with Casters, Side Table, and Glide Platform

Our Glide Style™ combo racks patented design features a sliding laptop platform mounted on a traditional case. At your gig, set your laptop on the carpeted surface, plug in and you're ready to go. Slide it forward to use your laptop. Slide it back to use the mixer section underneath. Keep your laptop close and safe on a sturdy new Glide Style case.