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19 Inch Rack Mountable Raised Perforated Panel 2U (3.5 Inches)

Dimensions: 19.50″ W x 1.00″ D x 3.50″ H
Weight: 3.00 lbs
UPC: 807822100556

Features and Specifications
– Takes Up 10U Rack Spaces (17.5″)
– Steel Construction
– Rack Shelf Tray Width is 17″
– Entire Rack Shelf Width is 19″
– Front Rack Shelf Height is 2″
– Back Rack Shelf Height is 3.5″
– Rack shelf Depth is 17.5″
– Sleek Black Exterior
– Fits Standard Racks With Pre-tapped 10-32 Rack Screw Holes

Manufacturer’s Info

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Odyssey sturdy steel top rack shelves are designed for top horizontal angled rack mounting such as on our combo racks and 19" rack mount mixer/DJ coffin console racks.
Our Rack Mountable Shelves are just a few of our wide range of quality 19” Rack Mountable Accessories. From slanted horizontal trays that can be mounted on the top angled rails of combo racks to vertical rack mountable pullout trays, panels, and drawers.