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6′ x 2.5′ Rectangular Screen

Features and specs:

• 72” x 30” Viewing Field at Maximum Stretch Point
• 60” x 24” Viewing Field at Minimum Stretch Point
• Front and Rear Projection
• 6 Attachment Points (4 corner and 2 center points on each long side)
• Made of High Quality Lycra Spandex
• Material Recovers to Original State After Being Stretched
• Flame Retardant Treated
• Machine Washable *flame retardant must be retreated after washing
• Carrying Pouch and Attachment Straps Included

DIMENSIONS(in carry pouch): 8” x 3” x 3”


**use all necessary safety precautions when using heat and electrical related devices near the stretch screen

CLEANING CARE: Dry-Clean or Machine wash in cold water (Do not bleach). Hang dry or Tumble dry at “low” to no heat. Do not iron. *Flame retardant must be retreated after washing or dry-cleaning.

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The Odyssey Scrim Werks™ LTMVSCRNSM can be used for a wide variety of applications from unique outdoor shading attached onto truss or other temporary structures to indoor theatrical or banquet backdrops and projection. Each has six sewn in stretch loop points to stretch and secure into various shapes and sizes. Use in conjunction with other Scrim Werks™ products along with colored light washes or small silhouette projections to achieve that extra ambiance to your scrim design**. One piece also can be used with any Odyssey LTP light stand nicely covering the length of the support poles with two corner loop points attached to any two bottom legs of the tripod and two corner points attached to the ends of the top crossbar.

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