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9 Pieces White 22″ Diamter Circular Display Decor Panels

Exterior Dimensions: 23.25″ W x 1.75″ D x 23.25″ H
Weight: 6 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 22.00″ W x 23.00″ D x 5.00″ H
Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
UPC: 807822036374
EAN: 8078220363702

Features and Specs:
• Create Attractive and Innovative Décor Presentations for Your Gigs
• Great for Decorative, Lighting, and Projection Applications
• Brilliant for DJ, Banquets, Photo Booth, and Stage Backdrops Displays
• Ideal for a Nexus Truss Display Frame with Inner Dimensions of 71″x71″
• Flame Retardant Treated
• Machine Washable *(flame retardant must be retreated after washing)
• 1″ Diameter Metal Attachment Rings Included
• Each Circular Panel With Metal Frame is 22″ in Diameter
• Convenient Carrying Bag Included
• Exterior Dimensions In Carrying Pouch: 23.25″ x 23.25″ x 1.75″

**use all necessary safety precautions when using heat and electrical related devices near the Decor Panels™

CLEANING CARE: Dry-Clean (Do not bleach). Do not iron. *Flame retardant must be retreated after cleaning.

Manufacturer’s Info

9 Pieces White 22″ Diamter Circular Display Decor Panels

Introducing a new addition to Odyssey's extraordinary line of Scrim Werks™ products. Take your DJ services to the next level a step up above your competition with Odyssey’s Décor Panels™. Create an attractive and innovative Décor Panel™ display for your DJ booth background. It’s a brilliant way of differentiating yourself from the crowds of DJs out there and getting those high end gigs with high returns. Use them for decorative, lighting, and projection applications for banquets, photo booth and stage backdrops. With various available shapes and sizes your possibilities are endless. For a complete effect we recommend that panels are used in conjunction with LED lighting or gobo projection lighting. Décor Panels are available for purchase in bundled packages of complete wall pattern displays ideal for use with our optional Nexus Truss Decor Panel™ Frames.