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Black 12″ Molded Speaker Scrim

Features and Specifications
• Fits Many Popular Small and Medium Size 12″ Molded Speakers
• Also Fits Many Smaller Size 15″ Molded Speakers and Larger Size 10″ Molded Speakers
• Bottom Tension Draw String
• Material Recovers to Original State After Being Stretched
• Flame Retardant Treated
• Machine Washable *flame retardant must be retreated after washing
• Carry Pouch Included
• Dimensions in Carry Pouch: 7.75″ x 7″ x 1.75″
• Unstretched dimensions: Back Width 15″, Height 27″, Center Front to Back 7.75″

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Dress up your speakers with Odyssey’s black Scrim Werks™ Slip Screen™ covers. Simple and easy to use, the SWSPKBLK Slip Screen™ stretches snug over the top of many popular 12" molded speaker brands projecting a clean professional look to your set up. It also fits smaller size 15" molded speakers and larger size 10" molded speakers. For an attention grabbing light design, you can use other Scrim Werks™ products in conjunction with the SWSPKBLK and LED color wash effects.

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