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Black Laptop / Gear Shelf For Two Tier X-Stands

Features and Specifications

● Steel Construction
● Perfect for Odyssey Dual Tier X-Stands
● 19″ Wide and 15″ Depth
● Weighs Approximately 4 lbs.
● Side Lower Flaps Ensure A Secure Fit Over The X-Stand’s Dual Tier Top Support Bars
● Front and Reap Lips Keep Your Gear Secure When Shelf is at an Angle

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The LTBXS2CPTRAY accessory is perfect for the Odyssey dual tier X-STAND. This 'X'tra handy 19" wide top shelf allows you to use your laptop or other gear safely, securely, and conveniently over your mixing console controller system, keyboard, or other gear that's set underneath on the X-STAND II's first tier support bars.

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