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Denon Prime 4 Case

Exterior Dimensions: 31.25″ W x 24.00″ D x 9.25″ H
Weight: 25.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 32.00″ W x 25.00″ D x 10.25″ H
Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs
Front Rail to Front Cover Measurement: 15″
Front Rail to Rear Rail Measurement: 16″
Rear Rail to Back Cover Measurement: 17″
UPC: 807822045895
EAN: 8078220458903
Case Constructs:
Silver Hardware
Case Features:
Removable Panel
Rubber Feet

Features and Specifications
● Removable V-cut™ Front Access Panels
● Chrome-plated Steel Ball Corners and Spring-Loaded Handle
● Recessed Latches
● Bottom Rubber Feet
● Limited Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer’s Info

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The Flight Ready® FRPRIME4 case is designed to hold the Denon Prime 4 professional 4-Channel DJ Controller. A V-cut™ removable front panel allows easy access to the front controls and headphone/mic jack input. Other features include rubber feet, hefty ball corners, and heavy-duty recessed latches and handle.