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Dual 72″ x 110″ Panel Section Black Tripod Scrim

Features and Specs:
• 72″ x 110″ at Maximum Stretch Point Per Section
• 56 x 84″ at Minimum Stretch Point Per Section
• 3 Corner Loop and Pocket Attachment Points
• Material Recovers to Original State After Being Stretched
• Flame Retardant Treated
• Machine Washable *flame retardant must be retreated after washing
• Carry Pouch Included

Best when used with the following tripod stands:

DIMENSIONS(in carry pouch): 15.5″ x 3″ x 4″


**use all necessary safety precautions when using heat and electrical related devices near the stretch screen

CLEANING CARE: Dry-Clean or Machine wash in cold water (Do not bleach). Hang dry or Tumble dry at “low” to no heat. Do not iron. *Flame retardant must be retreated after washing or dry-cleaning.

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The Odyssey Scrim Werks™ SWTP5BLK black scrims are designed to give your speaker and lighting tripod stands set ups a cleaner and more professional look. One piece secures easily to the three bottom legs of your tripod and also to the top extension pole covering 2/3 of the tripod area. For more elaborate theatrical or banquet set-ups use SWTP5BLK scrims in conjunction with other Scrim Werks™ products along with color wash lighting effects**.

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