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ÉPIX Strip IP 50


  • Pixel-mapping IP65 outdoor half-meter 50 x 1 LED strip for showing video and/or motion graphics
  • Includes square milky filter (installed) for diffused output, round milky filter (included) for diffused output, and black stealth filter (included) for high contrast
  • Uses specialized LED dimming control via S-PWM (scrambled PWM), which enhances on-camera performance.
  • Versatile control options include Art-Net, Kling-Net, and sACN (streaming ACN) to support the touring, rental, and installation markets
  • Reduce programming time and increase application by using the alternate personalities of 7 channel, multi-section control (15-30 channels), or use the Pixel personality (150 channels) for use with video servers
  • Increase viewing angle by using the dome or square accessory
  • ÉPIX Drive 2000 IP required for operation

ÉPIX Strip IP 50 is an IP65 outdoor-rated pixel-mapping ½ meter LED strip fixture, featuring 50 LEDs. Ideal for use in tight spaces, this versatile fixture also comes with dome and flat accessories and stunning pre-built content to allow you to easily configure and program shows in minutes with minimum time/effort. Power and control it through our new ÉPIX Drive 2000 IP on Art-Net, Kling-Net, or sACN (streaming ACN).

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