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  • 3.9 mm pitch, high-resolution, indoor rated video panel in convenient 1000 mm (tall) by 500 mm (wide) form factor.
  • Easily configure and drive content with the VIP Drive 43Nova 2 or the VIP Drive 83R Nova, powered by the Novastar control protocol
  • High quality black body LEDs accurately reproduce video at 14-bit grayscale, operating on the A5s receiver card from Novastar (18-bit available)
  • High performance digital LED drivers deliver 3840 Hz refresh rate and a clear, vibrant image
  • Uses specialized LED dimming control via S-PWM (scrambled PWM), which enhances on-camera performance.
  • Intelligent, high speed magnetic LED modules with dedicated memory stores factory calibration, ensuring optimal image quality, color uniformity, and simplifies maintenance by making service fast and easy
  • 1,000 x 500 x 82.5 mm, 28.6 lb (13 kg) magnesium die-cast housing (500 x 500 mm available) makes this product among the lightest and slimmest in its class without compromising strength, capable of hanging up to 22 panels vertically safely
  • Specialized frame design allows for overhead hanging, ground stacking, and wall mounting maximizing installation flexibility and aftermarket front and rear service; simply push out modules from the rear using the handles, or use the optional service tool from the front.
  • Front LED surface protective design features prevent damage when handling: specialized LED board design to improve impact resistance up to 3x that of other panels, and resilient led mask design to optimize image viewing angle and uniformity without exposing the LEDs to front or side impacts
  • Strong, magnetic assisted hanging makes setting up the panels fast and easy with a minimal crew
  • Optimized heat dissipation ensures an even color across the F3
  • Dual power supplies increase the stability of the system
  • Ground support system, and concave curving hardware available
  • Easily replace the LED masks without tools so your display remains flat even after mishandling

F3 is a 3.9 mm pitch 1 m x 0.5 m LED video panel equally suited for installations and rentals. It runs on the Novastar control protocol and is fully front & rear serviceable with easily accessed magnetic LED modules. The panels may be mounted directly on a flat wall due to the front-service option. The panel features powerful magnets in the frame, which assist with hanging the panels.

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