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  • 6.9 mm pitch high resolution outdoor video strip works with the VIP Drive 83R, using the Novastar control protocol
  • High quality black body LEDs accurately reproduce video at 15 bit grayscale, operating on a customized receiver card from Novastar
  • 5000:1 contrast ratio greatly improves the video performance
  • High performance digital LED drivers deliver 5940Hz refresh rate and a clear, vibrant image
  • Intelligent, modular LED modules with dedicated memory store factory calibration, ensuring optimal image quality, color uniformity, and simplifies maintenance by making service fast and easy
  • 1,000 x 34.5 x 68.2 mm, 4.85 lb (2.2 kg) aluminum extrusion and die-cast housing makes this product among the lightest and slimmest in its class without compromising strength
  • Specialized design supports hardware for end-to-end linking/hanging and 180° angling capabilities
  • Pixel pitch is maintained for 0° end-to-end linking, as well as mounting next to each other, even when the filters are installed
  • Design features to prevent damage to the LEDs when handling: multiple clear, front standoffs keep the LEDs from getting damaged from impacts, and includes specialized LED board design to improve impact resistance up to 3x that of other products, and resilient led mask design to optimize image viewing angle and uniformity without exposing the LEDs to front or side impacts
  • Flexible mounting options include 2pcs adjustable 13mm mounting brackets on either side, as well as 1pc M12 threaded insert in the center
  • Optimized heat dissipation (convection cooled) ensures an even color across the F6 Strip IP
  • Compact power supply, designed solely for this product, increases the stability of the system
  • 2-in-1 power/data cables offer quick connection, and are IP-rated for indoor and outdoor environments
  • PowerKON and etherKON break in, break outs, and 2-in-1 linking cables available
  • 2 Diffusion filters included with the F6 Strip IP (square soft white and square black stealth)
  • VIP Drive 83R Nova required for operation
  • Quick Lock 2-in-1 power/data cables offer quick connection, are IP-rated for indoor and outdoor environments, and are available in direct linking, break in, and break out cables

F6 Strip IP is an outdoor-ready, uniquely shaped 6.9 mm pixel pitch video panel that can be used to line set-pieces and configure designs that compliment other video wall panels in the F-series (F2, F3, F4IP, F5IP). Since it takes HDMI/DVI/SDI directly into the VIP Drive 83R video processor and features the same mapping software (Smart-LCT) as other F-series video panels, there is no need to setup a separate, dedicated video server when using F6 Strip IP with other video panels in the range. Its elongated, die-cast housing makes this product among the lightest and slimmest in its class without compromising its strength. F6 Strip IP runs on the Novastar control platform, and includes 2 diffusion filters (square soft white, square black stealth) for further versatility.

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