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Half Rack Mountable Raised Perforated Security 2U Panel

Dimensions: 10.25″ W x 1.00″ D x 3.50″ H
Weight: 0.60 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 12.00″ W x 4.00″ D x 4.00″ H
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs
Front Rail to Front Cover Measurement: 15″
Front Rail to Rear Rail Measurement: 16″
Rear Rail to Back Cover Measurement: 17″
UPC: 807822045314
EAN: 8078220453106

Features and Specifications
● 2U Rack Spaces (3.5″)
● Sleek Black Exterior
● Raised Design for Covering Protruding Knobs and Switches
● Provides Security to the Covered Gear
● Perforated Designs Allows Ventilation and Visual Gear Inspection
● Fits Standard Racks With Pre-tapped 10-32 Rack Screw Holes

Manufacturer’s Info

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Odyssey raised security panels deter unauthorized persons from tampering with the rack gear they cover. In addition, the large perforation design allows you to visually confirm the setting configurations of your gear without removal while also providing airflow for ventilation.