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Majestic Photo Booth with Built-in Modeling / Strobe LED

Features and Specifications

●  Aluminum Powder Coated White Construction
● Compact Kiosk With Adjustable Angle ‘Digital Single-lense Reflex’ (DSLR) Camera Mount Shelf
● Top Exterior Kiosk Knob for Camera Tilt Adjustment
● Kiosk Houses Securely Your Surface Pro Tablet (series 3 and up)
● Key Locking Rear Access Kiosk Door
● Patent Pending Modeling / Strobe Light with Adjustable Intensity Built Into the Kiosk
● Eye Catching Multi-Color & Mode LED Wireless Remote System Built Into the Frame Posts and Kiosk
● Dedicated Printer Stand For Popular Photo Printer Models by DNP, Brava, Mitsubishi and Sinfonia
● Printer Stand Top is 17.5″ x 13.5″
● Clean Cabling System Design Within Base, Posts, and Kiosk
● No Tools are Required to Assemble and Dissemble the Six Part Frame For Convenient Storage and Mobility
● Ships in a Single Box (assembly required)

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Odyssey's PBP03 Majestic Photo Booth kiosk and printer stand combo is meticulously designed and built to hold your Surface Pro (3 and up), digital camera, and printer. The entire stand system is made up of aluminum powder coated in an attractive white finish. The upright post and kiosk light up via its built-in wireless remote LED system that will definitely attract a crowd to your booth at any event. The impressive frame comes in six parts that can be dissembled for easy transport and storage, and its setup is just as easy.

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