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Numark Mixdeck / Mixdeck Quad Flight Case Glide Tray Platform

Exterior Dimensions: 30.50″ W x 18.75″ D x 11.50″ H
Weight: 39.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 31.00″ W x 19.00″ D x 13.00″ H
Shipping Weight: 45.00 lbs
UPC: 807822029383
EAN: 8078220293801
Case Constructs:
Silver Hardware
Case Features:
Laptop Platform (Glide Style™)
Removable Panel
Rubber Feet
Sliding Tray

Features and Specifications
● Full Width Laptop/Gear Top Glide Platform
● Convenient Pullout Keyboard Glide Tray (Keyboard Sold Separate)
● Heavy-Duty Ball Corners
● Removable V-Cut Front Cover
● Rear and Bottom Cable Port
● Recessed Handle and Latches
● Exclusive Patent Pending Bevel Foam Interior
● Storage / Ventilation Pit
● Bottom Rubber Feet
● Limited Lifetime Warranty
*For the safety of your equipment, do not transport with gear stored on the glide platform and be aware that the platform can be removed when slid out to its furthest point.

Manufacturer’s Info

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Numark Mixdeck / Mixdeck Quad Flight Case with Glide Tray and Platform

The Odyssey FZGSMIXDECKGT is an ATA flight case designed specifically for the Numark MIXDECK and MIXDECK QUAD DJ controllers and features Odyssey’s revolutionary patented Glide Style™ laptop/gear platform. Diverse and functional, the FZGSMIXDECKGT’s patented Glide Style™ design gives performers seamless access to their laptop or music gear with a sturdy wide-base glide platform at the top and a convenient pullout glide tray surface at the bottom. The protective case also features an exclusive, patent pending, high-density bevel foam that neatly angles upward from the interior of the case effectively raising and displaying the controller for an efficient control surface. The stylish V-Cut™ removable front panel allows for easy access to the front controls, headphone/mic jacks, and disc slots. A spacious ventilation pit under the controller is ideal for storing cables and other accessories.