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Ovation ETD-40WW


  • Compact LED ellipsoidal shines a hard-edged beam, perfect for gobo projection
  • Track-mountable to readily available track lighting rails
  • Tremendous output with high CRI
  • Highlight areas by altering the projected beam with framing shutters
  • Uses standard size E glass or metal gobos
  • Zooming optics provide a beam angle from 19° to 36°

Ovation ETD-40WW is a best-in-class track-mountable 40W warm white LED ellipsoidal. This compact LED fixture has tremendous output with high CRI and creates a hard-edged beam for precise gobo projection. Designed for architectural and retail installations, this luminaire is equipped with fantastic zooming optics that provide a beam angle from 19° to 36° and can be adjusted with framing shutters to highlight desired areas.

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