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Ovation GR-1 Adapter


  • Power and data interface to adapt Ovation GR-1IP to any ERS-style fixture
  • Utilize power from powerCON output of the ERS-style fixture
  • Easily secure to the yoke of the ERS-style fixture
  • On-board display for simple manual operation or DMX addressing
  • 5-pin DMX in and thru for easy control from your console
  • Requires Ovation GR-1 IP for operation (sold separately)

Ovation GR-1 Adapter allows the outdoor rated Ovation GR-1 IP  gobo rotator to function with any ERS-style fixture! The durable, power and data interface adapter is lightweight and can be easily mounted and secured to the yoke of any ERS-style fixture. Power up the adapter for the Ovation GR-1 IP via powerCON output and DMX in and thru is also available for easy control from your console.

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