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PioneerDDJ-RX/SX/SX2 Flight CaseBottom1U Rack SpaceGlide Platform

Exterior Dimensions: 31.00″ W x 18.50″ D x 9.50″ H
Weight: 29.00 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 31.50″ W x 19.25″ D x 10.00″ H
Shipping Weight: 33.00 lbs
UPC: 807822037630
EAN: 8078220376306
Case Constructs:
Silver Hardware
Case Features:
Bottom 1U Rack Space
Laptop Platform (Glide Style™)
Removable Panel
Rubber Feet

Features and Specifications
●  Patented Gliding Laptop Platform
●  Removable 1U 19″ Rack Mount Rails Below the Controller Space
●  Rack Rails Can Be Positioned for Front or Rear Mounting *Additional 1U Rack Rail Kits Are Optional
●  Removable V-cut™ Front Access Panel
●  Exclusive Patent Pending Bevel Foam Interior
●  Heavy-Duty Ball Corners
●  Recessed Handle and Latches
●  Plenty of Space for Cable Management
●  Limited Lifetime Warranty
*For the safety of your equipment, do not transport with gear stored on the glide platform and be aware that the platform can be removed when slid out to its furthest point.

Manufacturer’s Info

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Pioneer DDJ-RX / SX / SX2 Flight Case with Bottom 1U Rack Space and Glide Platform

The Odyssey Flight Zone® series FZGSPIDDJSX2 case features our patented Glide Style™ laptop platform, and now with a 1U 19" rack mount space below the controller space perfect for rack mount gear such as wireless mic systems, power strip, drive rack, or storage drawer. Specifically made for the Pioneer DDJ-RX and DDJ-SX/SX2/SX3 DJ controllers. it also features our exclusive, patent pending, high-density bevel foam interior that neatly angles upward raising the controller for an efficient control surface. The stylish V-Cut™ removable panel allows for easy access to the front controls and headphone/mic jacks.