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Pioneer XDJ-XZ Black Label Glide Style Case With Wheels 1U Rack

Exterior Dimensions: 40.25″ W x 24.25″ D x 11.25″ H
Weight: 51 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 41.5″ W x 25.75″ D x 12.75″ H
Shipping Weight: 58 lbs
UPC: 807822046373
EAN: 8078220463709
Case Constructs:
All Black Anodized and Powder Coated Hardware
Case Features:
Bottom 1U Rack Space
Cable Port Hole
Glide Platform Latch
Laptop Platform (Glide Style™)
Removable Panel
Rubber Feet

Features and Specifications:
● All Black Anodized and Powder Coated Hardware
● Exclusive Patent Pending Bevel Foam Interior
● Patented Full Width Gliding Laptop Platform with 3 Cable Port Holes
● Glide Platform: 37”W x 12”D
● Glide Platform Tension Latches
● Glide Platform is Compatible with GSABL Panel Support Attachments *Sold Separately*
● Plenty of Cable Management Space Underneath & Behind the Controller
● Bottom Cable Port, Perfect for Cable Management
● Heavy-duty Steel Ball Corners
● Recessed Handles and Latches
● 3/8″ Ply Construction
● Removable Front V-Cut™ Access Panel
● Roller Wheels for Convenient Transport
● Bottom Rubber Feet
*For the safety of your equipment, do not transport with gear stored on the glide platform and be aware that the platform can be remove

Manufacturer’s Info

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Pioneer XDJ-XZ Black Label Glide Style Case With Wheels and 1U Rack

The Odyssey FZGSXDJXZW1BL Black Label™ case features our patented Glide Style™ platform perfect for positioning your laptop, tablet, effect processors, and other gear right where you want it over the Pioneer XDJ-RX or XDJ-RX2 controller. The glide platform has a special tension latch rail system that allows you to add our optional Producer Series |GSABL| angled add-on panels for extra elevation and convenient performance positioning of the gear. A cable management port, essential for a clean setup, is positioned below the rear of the player. Also Underneath the controller compartment is another one of Odyssey's signature digital controller case designs; a premounted 1U 19" rack mount space below the controller, perfect for rack mount gear such as wireless mic systems, a power strip, drive rack, or storage drawer. The included hardware allows for front or rear rack mounting of the rails which can be removed all together if needed.