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Record / Utility Case Black 100 12″/LP Vinyl Records MadeU.S.A.

Exterior Dimensions: 15.00″ W x 15.00″ D x 15.00″ H
Weight: 18.00 lbs
UPC: 807822052237

Features and Specifications
● Fiberglass Construction
● Heavy-Duty Ball Corners
● Recessed Spring-Loaded Handle and Latches
● Half-Split Removable Lid
● Holds Approximately 100 Individual 12″ Vinyl Records/LPs
● Limited Lifetime Warranty
*Made to order. Lead time my take up to 3 weeks depending on the work load schedule at the time of ordering.

Manufacturer’s Info

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Record / Utility ATA Case In Black For 100 12″/LP Vinyl Records Made In U.S.A.

The unique half-split design of our FLPX100 cases makes sorting through your vinyl records much easier. Remove the top half, and split your records equally between the two to thumb through your music even faster! Our ATA rated flight cases are the touring standard for world-traveling DJ's. Fiberglass construction, recessed hardware and heavy-duty ball corners make this the very best protection for your valuable vinyl records.