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Rogue Outcast 1 Hybrid


  • Fully featured, IP 65 rated, high powered Spot/Beam/Wash combination fixture with an USHIO 400W, 6500K with 6000 hour life expectancy lamp, 2 gobo wheels, 2 layerable prisms, and linear zoom
  • Rugged housing designed to withstand the elements in a temporary outdoor setting
  • Individually controllable and layerable 6 facet linear and 8 facet round prisms for maximizing visual impact
  • Frost and beam flattening options for even light distribution
  • Tight 2° narrow beam angle for focused air effects
  • Linear zoom of 1 ° to 15.3° in beam mode, 2.2° to 29.1° in spot mode and 4.9° to 28.3° in wash mode for coverage in any application
  • 9 rotating and 13 static gobos for massive visual effect
  • DMX and RDM protocol control
  • True 1 compatible power input

Rogue Outcast 1 Hybrid is an outdoor-ready, IP65 spot/beam/wash moving head ideal for small to medium festivals and events. Powered by an intense 400W lamp, Rogue Outcast 1 Hybrid delivers a 6500 K output with tight beam angles of 1° to 5° in Beam Mode and a zoom range of 2.2° to 29.1° in Spot Mode and 4.9° to 28.3° in Wash Mode for maximum visual impact. This feature-packed unit offers 1 rotating and 1 static gobo wheel, 2 individually controllable 8 and 5-facet layerable prisms, and a 14-hue color wheel for solid and split colors. Control is over DMX and RDM.

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