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Well Com


  • Compact, easy-to-use battery powered Wi-Fi™ receiver and wireless WDMX™ transmitter combined with an Android™ or iOS® based control app
  • 8 hours of usage on a full charge
  • Compatible with Android™ and iOS® on both smartphones and tablets
  • Output can be used in wireless WDMX™ or wired DMX protocols
  • Full universe of DMX available for programming larger events
  • Built in color picker and color macros for use with RGB, RGBA, and RGBW wash fixtures
  • Program up to 24 steps per scene with selectable fade and hold times for building chases and cues
  • A total of 18 scenes available for playback
  • Easy to navigate user interface
  • Line-of-sight distance up to 200 m

WELL Com makes it possible to control your W-DMX enabled lights from a smartphone or a tablet. This wireless interface hands you full control over your fixtures including the ability to build and save static looks or timed chases via a free downloadable app that supports a full universe of DMX and can save scenes and chases.

The WELL Com app is available for both Android and iOS® in both phone and tablet versions.  Download Here: Android | iOS

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