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Rental Gear

 List of Products

The below gear and equipment are available to rent. Get in touch with us about anything you see on this page.


Mixer/Stage Rack
Midas M32 Mixer
Midas M32R Mixer
Midas DL32 Digital Stage Box
QSC Touchmix 16
Pioneer DDJ-SR
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Powered Speakers

BOSE Showmatch DeltaQ Array Loudspeakers
BOSE 18” SMS 118 Subwoofers
Radial Pro Direct Box’s
8 Channel Snake
50Amp Power Distribution Boxes
EV Evolve 50
BOSE F1 Array Tops
BOSE F1 Array Subwoofers
Powersoft Amps
Turbosound Flashline Monitors
Turbosound Milan 10” Monitors
Samson Subwoofer


Shure KSM8 Wireless
Shure Beta Wireless
Shure SM58 Wireless
Shure SM58 Vocal Mics
Shure SM57 Tom and Instrument Mics
Shure Beta52A Kick Drum Mic
Audix D6 Kick Drum mic
Shure SM81 Condenser Mic
Audix D2 Rack Tom Mics
Audix D4 Floor Tom Mics
Audix D6
RODE RT5 Condenser Mic

In-Ear Monitors

Sennheiser EW with Klang Fabrik Immersive IEM System
Shure PSM300 Wireless In-Ears


Chauvet Slim Par Pro H
Chauvet Shocker
Global Truss 12”
Global Truss ST180 Crank Stands
GrandMA 3 Light CRV
GrandMA 3 4k OnPC Node
Grand MA Dot2 XLB Console
Chamsys MagicQ 80
Chamsys MagicQ 500
Chamsys MagicQ Stadium Wing
Chauvet Rogue R1X Spots
Chauvet Rogue R2X Wash
Chauvet MK Pyxis
Chauvet Intimidator Trios
Chauvet Intimidator IRC 360
ADJ Quad Sweeper Beam
Chauvet Colorband Pix-M


MDG ATMe Hazers
Chauvet Geyser P6
Chauvet Vesuvio II
Martin Jem Hazer

Video Recording/Streaming

Canon XA15 Full HD Professional Camcorders
Final Cut Pro X Video Editing Software
Datavideo PTC-150 HD PTZ Video Cameras
Manfrotto Tripods
Datavideo HS-3200 12 Channel Switcher

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