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We implement a variety of systems and configurations for even and consistent sound.

BOSE F1 Array

In order to produce the highest quality sound that is pleasant and balanced for all audience members, we deploy a Line Array system. A Line Array is made up of many individual speakers that are combined in a way to create the most even distribution of sound and the least amount of bleed into areas where sound is not desired, such as residents that live near the venue.

Bose speakers mounted near stage in Tracy

Clear & Concise Sound

MC Productions deploys a Bose ShowMatch Delta-Q array consisting of 4 speakers on each side of the stage suspended at 15 feet, and three subwoofers on each side of the stage on the ground. At maximum power, this system provides clear and concise sound for an audience of 2000-5000 people.


Providing even and consistent sound requires each speaker of the array to be at the correct angle and volume. This is accomplished through design software that allows us to custom shape the sound for your performance area.

“We have worked with several sound companies in the past…. none of them come close to the quality, ease and accuracy that MC Productions was able to provide for us.”

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